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Other Stuff......

Please please please...send me pictures! Ill put up and all pictures that you send me if I like them!

These are the events of my life (well, the ones I took pictures of):

  1. Tier 1 Field Hockey!
  2. - This year I was given the privelige (?) of managing the Tier 1 Girls Field Hockey team. Here are some pictures from this year's CWOSSA champs!

  3. IMS 2000
  4. - Introductory Marine Science 2000. Possibly the greatest time of my life. Out to New Brunswick with a group of complete strangers for 2 weeks in the summer of 2000. We were studying Marine Biology on the ocean, and I had a BLAST

  5. Prom Night 2002
  6. - Basically what it sounds like. My first ever prom, and all the photos that sum up the memories.

  7. Germany 2002-03 - NOT YET AVAILABLE
  8. - I left on Boxing Day, and stayed in Deutschland for 3 weeks. This section will be up once I can find a scanner and some time. Probably by March.

  9. Friends and Family
  10. - In case you couldnt get it...this is my family and my friends!! Yes...I have friends. Dont even make the joke. Its not funny.

  11. Senior Trip 2002...NEW YORK!
  12. - The senior trip from this year. The OAC's and 12's who have helped each other shred the lounge all year get together to try to shred New York. It was good fun!